Remote Controlled Security Lighting


Remote controlled security lighting has many benefits to offer and it can be used in commercial and

residential applications. This system allows you to switch on your lights with the use of a remote control,

which is ideal for areas around your home, including your driveway and doorway.


Remote controlled security lighting can be installed around your home to provide lighting when you

need it most – at night. This is especially helpful if you are returning home and need light in specific

areas for safety. You can also allow these lights to only come on at night, with a day / night switch. This

will save electricity and allow you to have additional lighting available to you at night. You can manually

switch them on or off with your remote control, adding convenience to your daily life.


Joubert Electrical can assist you with your remote controlled security lighting needs. We can assist you

with the installation of these lights as well as any other electrical repairs or installations that you might

need in and around your home. We can also assist you with your house wiring needs.


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